Bus or Walking Tour

Works with the Board to identify a new development area to highlight in the Annual Bus/Walking Tour. Committee members coordinate sponsorships, properties to feature, and a Tour Book.

Brent Hedberg

Patrick Christopher

Community Service

Identifies nonprofit organizations with community service programs that might be deserving of support from the Chapter and its members.

MK Long

Blake Hering, Jr.

Developing Leaders

Plans events and provides outreach communication targeted toward members aged 35 or younger.

Travis Drilling

Golf Tournament

The Golf Committee allows you to be a part of the planning for the summers premier golf event!  By participating, you help to assure that one of the largest fundraising events for our chapter is a success.  Your involvement would be in the first half of a calendar year and primarily consist of facilitating the sponsor involvement and other organizational details.  Please help us to keep this event the caliber everyone expects.

Stuart Skaug

Sean Colletta

Paul Delsman


We have a ton of fun on the membership committee!  It’s a great opportunity to “touch” all new members and meet lots of dynamic people in the commercial real estate industry.  Membership committee members organize outreach efforts to prospective new members, work on retention efforts and plan our exciting, exclusive annual “Members Only” event.

Evan Bernstein

Jody Cienfuegos


Coordinates and plans all monthly breakfast programs, including soliciting speakers and determining the topics.

Eddie La Berge

Public Affairs

Monitors and takes positions on local, regional, and state government actions that may have an impact on the commercial/industrial real estate industry. Also interviews candidates for city, county, and regional offices, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for endorsements and financial contributions.

Brad Miller

Gerry Mildner


Coordinates with Portland State University Masters of Real Estate Development program on an annual competition between  teams of students striving to see which team can produce the best development proposal for an actual site.

Lauren Jones

Patrick Christopher