Regional Industrial Lands Analysis

In 2011, NAIOP joined with Metro, the Port of Portland, Portland Business Alliance, and Business Oregon to do a comprehensive review of the region’s inventory of large industrial sites and assessing their readiness to support new private-sector jobs.  An update of the original report was conducted in 2014, and most recently in 2017.

The Regional Industrial Lands Inventory and Site Readiness Project aims to:

  • Identify the inventory of market-ready industrial sites that are 25 acres or larger;
  • Identify additional industrial sites of 25 acres or larger that could be available and determine the amount of investment required to make them market-ready;
  • Identify the top five to ten most strategic large industrial sites of 25 acres or larger
     and the investments and actions necessary to make them ready for development for new private-sector jobs; and
  • Support regional economic development efforts, and inform future policy and public investment decisions in the region.

Downloads available:

2017 Report Update

2017 Update Final Report

Slides from March 7, 2018 Breakfast Presentation

2017 Update Fact Sheet

2017 Update Appendix A - Inventory Matrix

2017 Update Appendix B - Inventory Site Maps

2017 Update Appendix C - User Designated & Constrained Site Maps

2017 Update Appendix D - Return on Investment

2017 Update Appendix E - PGE Site Readiness Cost Study


2014 Report Update

 2014 Update Executive Summary

2014 Update Final Report

2014 Update Appendix A - Highlights by County


2011 Report

Final Report

Powerpoint presentation about the project

Inventory analysis of available sites

Maps of available sites